Senedd launch event

Senedd launch event

On Wednesday the 22nd January 2020, we launched our #BeTheChange Campaign at the Senedd, Cardiff. The aim of this campaign is to call for changes to be made in society – tackling everyday challenges that ostomates and more widely those with invisible illnesses may face.

We aim to lead the way nationally and for Cardiff to become the capital of the UK for understanding the needs of those with invisible illnesses.

With this in mind, we’re asking for changes to be made in daily society including, new signage to be used on all public toilets, and working with local authorities across Wales to adjust waste collections in recognition of the issues people with a stoma face. We want to help educate people and raise awareness that not all chronic illnesses and health issues can be seen.

We were also joined by the members of our action group, who shared their stories and the challenges they face as ostomates. A big thank you to David Bevan, Amber Davies, Allan Jefferies, Angelina Truman, Keith Thomas and Rachel Allen and Jake!

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If you would like to join or be kept up to date with the campaign, simply add in your contact details in the #BeTheChange panel and click on send.